Confused about how to apply for conference funding?

A note from our Doctoral Chair

By Estee Hernańdez

Hello colleagues,

I recognize there’s some confusion about the different funding sources available for conference travel, so I hope this email helps clear some of that up. As Higher Education students, we are afforded three main opportunities for funding: ELPSCORE, and COGS.


Last week, Mary sent out the application (attached to this email) for ELPS travel funding, which is due THIS FRIDAY for any travel taking place this fall semester. Priority goes to those presenting at national, then regional, then state conferences, and then to those attending national, then regional, then state conferences. Funding amount depends on availability and of course priority.

The College of Education also offers funding via CORE (Council on Research in Education) to students presenting at professional conferences. Applications are due by Wednesday, January 15th at 5:00 PM, unless you are traveling before that date. Please submit the application at least two weeks in advance if your travel is happening this fall. More information is available at Note that funding approval is contingent upon your agreement to present at the CORE Conference to be held on April 18, 2014. Funding amount depends on availability.

The Congress of Graduate Students (COGS) offers funding to all graduate students at FSU. If you are presenting at a conference, you may apply for up to $200 in funding, and if you are attending a conference, you may apply for up to $100 in funding; you may only apply for funding twice a year. Funding requests must be turned in at least two weeks prior to departure for the conference.

·         Application for those presenting:

·         Application for those attending:

·         More information:

Hope this helps clear up any confusion!

Posted on September 26, 2013 .