HESA hosts 7 for doctoral Visiting Days

By: Trisha Teig

The 2017 Doctoral Visiting Days hosted seven attendees. The participants traveled from near and far, with folks flying from as far away as San Diego, to as close as driving across town from FAMU. These folks are from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, from being a professional in the field for over five years to just completing their master's degree. The group members currently hold jobs in a range of student affairs areas including in housing, student conduct, academic advising, victim advocacy, and more! 

The candidates enjoyed a welcome, tour, and graduate class experience upon their arrival on Thursday, February 9th. The evening was wrapped up with a meet and great dinner with current students in Salley hall lounge. The candidates interviewed for an impressive array of graduate assistantships on Friday morning and relaxed after interviewing with some delicious fried chicken Friday lunch at Fresh Foods. Participants were treated to panels from the faculty and current students after lunch, allowing them to ask questions and get a better understanding of our program from a variety of perspectives. The afternoon concluded with a reception with candidates, current students, employers, and faculty in attendance. Yummy cupcakes and good conversation abounded! The Visiting Days events wrapped up with a delicious breakfast and final chat with the candidates and current students at Maple Street Biscuit Co. Saturday morning.

The 2017 Doctoral Visiting Days was a resounding success due to the hard work and planning of the Visiting Days committee and the support of the current students and faculty. THANK YOU to everyone who participated in different elements of the event. We are all so proud of our program and want to show prospective new students the Higher Education program at FSU at its best! I believe the personal touch and care taken with our Visiting Days allows future students to see the friendly, supportive, and welcoming environment we have to offer. We are excited to see which of our prospective students decide to join us in the Fall! 


Trisha Teig is a doctoral student in higher education and graduate assistant in the Leadership Learning Research Center (LLRC) at FSU. She is the 2017 Doctoral Visiting Days chair. 

Posted on February 27, 2017 .