Degree Requirements: Higher Education M.S.

The master’s degree program is the Master of Science (M.S.) in Higher Education. The M.S. degree requires a minimum of thirty-nine (39) hours of course work for graduation. All courses taken for the Master’s degree must be graduate courses.

The Master of Science in Higher Education requires:

Minimum of 39 semester hours of coursework, which must include:

  • 30 hours of core courses, including:
    • 6 hours of internship credit or thesis*
    • 3 hour practicum course
    • 3 hour capstone course
  • 9 hours of elective courses
  • 3.00 minimum GPA

Theory-to-Practice and the ACPA/NASPA Core Competencies

In 2015, the Joint Task Force on Professional Competencies and Standards, made up of members from both ACPA – College Student Educators International and NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, revamped the Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators which were originally created in 2010. Those ten competencies are: Personal and Ethical Foundations (PPF), Values, Philosophy, and History (VPH), Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (AER), Law, Policy, and Governance (LPG), Organizational and Human Resource (OHR), Leadership (LEAD), Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI), Student Learning and Development (SLD), Technology (TECH), and Advising and Supporting (A/S). As a program that emphasizes theory-to-practice and in order to fully prepare our students to work within Student Affairs, we have made it a priority to align our entire course catalog to each one of the ten core competencies. See the links below to learn more the ACPA/NASPA competencies and how our courses reflect each of the competencies.

ACPA/NASPA Core Competencies

Course alignment with the Core Competencies

Course Catalog

Core Courses (33 hours)

  • EDH 5051     Higher Education in America: Basic Understandings (3)
  • EDH 5045     Student Development Theories (3)
  • SDS 5040     Introduction to Student Affairs (3)
  • EDH 5046     Diversity in Higher Education (3)
  • EDH 5068     Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education I (3)
  • EDH 5931     Leadership Education and Learning (3)
  • SDS 5804     Practicum in Student Personnel (3)
  • EDF 5931     Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education II (3)
  • EDH 5630     Capstone in Higher Education (3)
  • EDH 5944     Internships or Thesis (6** see note below)

Electives (minimum 6 hours)

  • EDH 5042      Student Success in College (3) – recommended elective
  • EDH 5405      Legal Aspects of College (3) – recommended elective
  • EDH 5639      Management in Higher Education (3) – recommended elective
  • EDH 5054      The American Community College (3)
  • EDH 5506      College & University Business Administration (3)
  • EDH 5055      Introduction to Institutional Research (3)
  • EDH 5305      College Teaching: Instruction (3)
  • EDH 5504      Institutional Advancement in Higher Education (3)
  • EDF 5519       History of Higher Education (3)
  • EDH 5005      Sociology of Higher Education (3)
  • EDF 5630       Sociology of Education (3)
  • EDH 5506      College and University Business Administration (3)
  • EDH 6067      International Perspectives in Higher Education (3)
  • EDH 5095      Strategic Planning in Higher Education (3)
  • EDH 5507      College and University Budgeting (3)
  • EDH 6505      Finance in Higher Education (3)
  • EDH 6064      Women in Higher Education (3)
  • EDH 5089      Black and Latino Education: History and Policy (3)

 (Other higher education courses may be substituted with consent of faculty advisor)

** Internships/Thesis: Students with experience in higher education management positions may, within one year of starting classes, petition the faculty to forego 3 internship credit hours and take another course (elective) in its place. Students seeking an intensive research experience in the field may, within one year of starting classes, petition the faculty to pursue 6 hours of thesis credit in place of the internship requirement.